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Loft Conversions Services

MCA Design is the best loft conversion company in the UK. We combine years of industry experience and have wonderful completion of dozens of loft conversion projects under our belts. To make your loft a practical part of your house and create a unique area that the entire family will enjoy, we collaborate with you at each stage and manage the entire process from start to finish. Our services are offered by skilled loft conversions specialists; therefore, we are thrilled to have hundreds of satisfied clients, which is a real tribute to our commitment to providing top-notch service.

MCA Design always works to go above and beyond to assist their clients

We use our knowledge, imagination, and talent to execute our loft conversion on schedule and at an affordable budget. We are industry pioneers when it comes to modern loft conversions. We are honoured to provide a team of outstanding staff, the finest materials, and our technical expertise to design the ideal Loft Conversions Services just for you. We have extraordinary designs and solutions for any loft conversion.

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Improve Rather than Move

Do you want more space? The first thought might be to move out and buy a bigger house. But if you have the option to extend your current property, then why bother? The quality of our loft conversions is unsurpassed. Loft conversion architects from our business provide top-notch support. Your choice to hire our services to complete your loft conversion and extend your home without going over budget will make you feel at ease.

Our Process


1.   In-Home Assessment

After swiftly responding to your initial inquiry, we set an appointment to see your loft and evaluate its viability. Following a discussion of your needs, we create workable solutions for the loft and estimates of possible prices. We also give advice on the planning and construction regulation processes.

2.   The Potential of Your Loft

We can make your unutilised space into a lovely living space. Your loft offers the possibility for additional bedrooms, baths, studies, home offices, or just a playroom or recreational area.

3.   Loft Conversion for Stairs

These are often classic and custom-made. When converting third floors, we typically match the original staircase. In addition, we can install spiral and space-saving steps.

MCA Design provides all kinds of loft conversions

If you’ve considered a loft conversion as a way to expand your house, you might not be familiar with the wide varieties that they come in. Here are some of the best loft conversions to choose from:

4.   Roof Light Conversions

With our roof light conversion, you may forget the trouble of structural alteration to your house. Roof light conversions are easily the least expensive and disruptive choice because the roof’s pitch or contour won’t need to be altered. To make the space usable, all that has to be done is to install skylight windows, a solid floor, and a stairway. For this form of conversion, all you need is adequate roof space without having an extension.

5.   Dormer conversions

An addition that projects from the pitch of the roof is known as a dormer Loft Conversions Services. With MCA Design’s dormer conversions, you can significantly increase the amount of headroom and floor space. The most common kind of conversion is flat-roof dormers. They work with just about any house that has a sloping roof.

6.   Hip-to-gable conversions

With MCA Design’s hip to gable conversion, you’ll have a vast amount of space. Hip-to-gable conversions increase the amount of interior loft space by spreading the sloping “hip” roof at the side of your house outward to form a vertical “gable” wall. You can also get a double hip-to-gable expansion that is considerably roomier if your detached home has sloping roofs on each side.

7.   Mansard conversions

The biggest advantage of our mansard conversion is the ample extra space it delivers. Mansard extensions stretch the entire length of your home’s roof and change the slope’s inclination, nearly virtualising it. These conversions add a large amount of extra room. Most property types, including semi-detached, terraced, and detached homes, are appropriate for mansard conversions.

The goal of MCA Design is to provide compelling building work

MCA Design will be able to help you navigate the procedure of loft conversions and make sure you don’t violate any regulations. We provide several services, including massive roof conversions and small loft conversions. For all of your architectural and renovation needs, MCA Design is a reliable solution. We have established ourselves as one of the top architectural and construction firms in the UK, with more than 30 years of expertise. Call our devoted staff for assistance if you have any questions about building-related tasks, architectural designs, or planning permissions. We welcome your queries at any time.

Loft Conversions Services

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